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Angela Caceres and TASI's Journey


   For many years I dreamt of a place that feels as welcoming as home, where in the embrace of nature, people could step away from the demands of life; a place to practice being present and to reconnect with themselves to heal their soul. With inspiration from my horse, TASI's Journey, the reality of TASI CASA was born.

   With my personal and professional experience of the remarkable healing and teaching capabilities of horses, my Equine Facilitated Learning program is an innovative modality that cultivates inspiration, personal growth, healing, and leadership. Through simple guided ground activities with horses, these majestic animals teach the emotional and social skills humans need to thrive in personal and professional relationships.

   I believe that every individual deserves to live to their greatest potential and I find deep fulfillment helping clients learn how to rely on their own intuition to help discover their unique gifts and personal self expression. I have had the privilege of answering my life's calling to facilitate the healing and growth of so many wonderful people and I am dedicated to building an authentic community where every individual can show up as their highest self. 

   At TASI CASA, I am committed to providing a supportive, non judgmental space for you to explore all the facets that make you who you are, giving yourself permission to Unharness Your authentic Self.

           In service,


Angela and her husband Tony with Eagle Warrior, Elder of the Yamassee Tribe at Wild For Life horse rescue fundraiser
Angela and Wyatt Webb, Founder and Leader of Equine Experience at
Miraval Resort

Angela with daughters Isabella and Sophia alongside Best Selling Author and EFL Pioneer, Linda Kohanov

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