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Unharness the Best in You



By integrating mind, body and spirit, we learn to tap into our intuitive wisdom to create a fulfilling life. Through guided ground activities with our majestic horses, explore new ways of navigating through the demands of family, life and career with balance and fulfillment. Nestled in the serene Temecula Valley, together with the healing ability of horses, the afternoon will invite you to
unharness your authentic self. 



Girlfriends' Discovery Day was designed specifically for St. Jeanne de Lestonnac's annual auction and fundraiser this year. This workshop is a fantastic opportunity for girlfriends to bond together on this day of self discovery! Plan your own, personalized day with your girlfriends!



Girlfriends' Discovery Day

Introductory Workshop


This Introductory workshop is a great opportunity to be introduced to Equine Facilitated Learning and for you to learn the fundamentals.Through simple ground activities, you will get a glimpse on how you show up in your relationships and your everyday life; an excellent first step on the journey to self discovery.


We will cover the following topics:


  • Using emotion as information

  • Accessing a more authentic, creative presence

  • Recognizing and moving beyond conditioned behaviors and thought patterns

  • Setting Boundaries: establishing and maintaining clear and consistent personal and emotional space

  • Body Scan: using the body as a sensing device

  • Developing essential skills for building Authentic Community

New Year, New Me

As the year winds down, it is a great time to refelct on what we have accomplished, how we have grown and what we desire for ourselves in the upcoming year. In this workshop, we will explore what lights us up and brings us true joy. We will peel away the conditioned beliefs we have that limit us from experiencing that joy and we will build new ways of thinking that will give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves. Starting a new year of nourishing our mind, body and spirit.



This 1/2 day Introductory workshop will invite you to discover your authentic Heart's Desires in the calming environment of the ranch nestled in the valley. Through some simple ground activities with our majestic horses along with some creative art therapy, you will discover your deepest heart's desire. We will build a new toolbox and practice new tools that will help support you in living your deepest intentions in your everyday life. Whether you are looking to reconnect with most authentic self or looking for clarifying answers in a life decision, this workshop will provide the space and the support for you to go deep within yourself.



Harvest Your Heart's Desire 

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