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From the Horses Mouth...

     "I learned that I need to get out of my head and into my heart..."


Dear Angela,

I do not have the words to express how amazed I was and how grateful I am to you! 
I am so impressed with the experience that my daughter and I had with you.
I think that you have truly found your calling to give young girls skills that they will need as they navigate the upcoming years.


"I learned that I need more personal space than others in order for me to feel comfortable and connected."

-Trevor, age 14

"My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed a "Girlfriends' Discovery Day," with Angela Caceres as our group leader. She used her innovative and unique program with horses to demonstrate techniques for establishing and maintaining emotional connections, all in a peaceful pastoral setting. Moreover, Angela was kind, humorous, and compassionate as she listened to all our concerns and made suggestions on how to manage personal relationships. I can envision groups utilizing TASI casa for any number of goals, such as team building, teen counseling, and family bonding to name a few. I couldn't recommend this program more highly!"

-Monisha C.


"My experience attending a workshop at TASI CASA was exceptional! Initially, I had no idea what to expect but through organized activities and guided self- introspection Angela helped me to really focus on myself and discover my own hearts true desire. It was exciting and liberating and now, knowing this valuable information about myself, I am able to live each day more intentfully and do what brings ME happiness. Thank you, Angela, for such a beautiful, meaningful and memorable day! I treasure this gift you gave to me!"

-Melanie H.


"Dear Angela, 

Thank you so much for such a inspirational workshop.  I wasn't sure what to expect and I was nervous to interact with the horses but what a difference a day makes.  I learned so much about myself in just one day and I felt so empowered and strong when the day was over.  It was emotional and enlightening and I really conquered some fears by being in that arena with the beautiful Cassie.  I cannot thank you enough, Angela for your encouragement and your natural ability to make me feel so comfortable and able to open up to this amazing experience.  I am looking forward to the next workshop."

-Theresa D.


"TASI CASA's Harvest Your Hearts Desire workshop is a welcomed opportunity to reconnect and rediscover oneself through open, yet safe surroundings. I felt encouragement and support from such compassionate spirits, through both Angela, and her co-facilitator, Cassie. When the mind and heart are open, good things will come! I am thankful for the time and work done through this eye-opening experience."


-Sherry K.



"I recently had the opportunity to attend an Eponaquest workshop in Amado, AZ.  I was fortunate to be aligned with Angela Caceres in her role as a program facilitator. Angela was a tremendous guide for me as we stepped through the different components of the material.  Her open, non-judgmental and guiding approach allowed me to have an experience unlike anything I have previously experienced.  I highly recommend her!"


Kevin W.

"Angela's passion for helping people through Equine Assisted Learning shows through in every workshop and private session she offers. Combining a unique approach of working with the horse and her specialized training, Angela creates a safe and nurturing environment for her clients to explore and unharness their authentic self. I have witnessed first hand, how she has helped people discover what might be challenging them, opening their hearts and minds to improving their life through awareness, trust, and mindfulness."

-Laurie F.

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