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Equine Facilitated Learning 

Individual Private Sessions

An Individual session is a great opportunity to be introduced to Equine Facilitated Learning or for you to work one on one to explore a specific aspect of yourself. Whether you want to build upon your communication style, learn about how you show up in your relationships, identify what kind of leader you are, or begin your healing, an individual session is an excellent journey to self discovery.

First session is a minimum of 2 hours and then1 hour sessions after initial meeting. Individual sessions can also be reserved in a packages.

Initial session- $175

Individual session- $125

Package of 3- $325 

Group Sessions

Group sessions provide a comfortable setting for families and couples to learn from their relationships experientially. By observing yourself and your loved ones interacting with another living being, the horse; you will harvest a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics.Through this rich experience, you will unearth tools that will help you to nurture your relationships and enhance your communication and compassion to cultivate a deeper connection with your loved ones.

Session duration may be tailored to your specific needs. 

Pricing depends on number of people, please contact us so we can customize a group session for you. 


TASI CASA offers several themed workshops throughout the year to delve a little deeper into some of the common challenges most of us face in our daily lives. These are a few of the workshops we often offer:

  • Healing- healing through connecting your mind, body and soul

  • Leadership- how to be an effective leader

  • Communication- how to effectively communicate your needs

  • Mindfulness- how to live consciously

  • Transition- navigating life transitions

  • Messages Behind our Emotions- understanding our emotions

  • Setting Effective Boundaries- setting healthy boundaries in                                                           relationships


These 3-5 day consecutive sessions are a great way to cultivate signifigant growth and development in different areas of your life. 


Please check our calendar for a list of upcoming workshops!


*If there is a topic you would like to suggest for a workshop theme, we'd love to hear from you so we can generate an interest list for your topic suggestion!


Team Building

Equine Facilitated Learning is an excellent modality for teaching teams how to work together to achieve their common goals. Participating in activities with the horses allows the team to identify each member's leadership and communication style and how each person contributes to team dynamics. Explore how to build upon each individual's strengths to increase group productivity, cohesiveness and camaraderie through a Team Building Workshop.


Workshops can be customized by your group to address your team's objectives.

Coming Soon!!!

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